Friday, May 24, 2019

(Courtesy of IMSA) Today, the Ministry of Strategic Affairs, led by Minister Gilad Erdan, announced that as part of its overall strategy to counter anti-Israel delegitimization and BDS, it will establish a Public Benefit Company (PBC), which will serve as a platform for a joint venture between Israel and global Jewish communities to combat delegitimization and BDS.

Similar to Birthright and Masa, both of which are joint projects between the Israeli government and the private sector, the PBC will be managed by a joint steering committee. Half of its membership will consist of private donors and the other half of government representatives. The project’s budget will be 250 million NIS, to be split equally between the Ministry of Strategic Affairs and donors.

An official governmental decision approving Minister Erdan’s initiative was passed this week.

The Ministry of Strategic Affairs has been leading Israel’s efforts to counter delegitimization and BDS since 2016, when Israel’s security cabinet appointed Minister Erdan to lead Israel’s response to these challenges.

The Ministry of Strategic Affairs emphasizes that the campaign against Israel’s legitimacy is multi-dimensional, takes place in multiple arenas and is focused on trying to undermine the country’s right to exist and its national security, core interests, ties with world Jewry and legitimacy in the eyes of the international community. The organizations leading this assault operate as a coordinated network, with financing, directly and indirectly, in the tens of millions of dollars.

When Minister Erdan was appointed minister of strategic affairs, he devised and implemented a new policy of going on the offensive. In this context, the National Task Force charged with leading Israel’s fight against delegitimization and BDS was established.

As part of the ministry’s overall strategy, Minister Erdan initiated the joint venture, with the understanding that the best way to succeed in this fight is to establish a joint venture together with  Jewish organizations world-wide and the global pro-Israel network, who are on the front lines in the fight against BDS.

Minister Erdan stated: “In order to counter the distorted and malicious campaign to undermine the legitimacy of the existence of a Jewish state anywhere in the land of Israel, a joint government-civil society effort is needed. This joint venture will employ sophisticated tools and innovative strategies, and will enhance exponentially the government’s ability to thwart delegitimization and BDS.”



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