Friday, July 03, 2020

Soldiers receiving mishloach manot. (Credit: Nir Sinay)

Soldiers receiving mishloach manot. (Credit: Nir Sinay)

Soldiers receiving mishloach manot. (Credit: Nir Sinay)

Yashar LaChayal, a non-profit organization that provides humanitarian support to Israel’s soldiers, annually invests much thought and effort into its Purim programming on the soldiers’ behalf, and this year was no exception. Soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces were obligated to be vigilant throughout the holiday, missing parades, parties and holiday time with their families. However, Yashar LaChayal was able to bring holiday cheer to them, making sure they felt loved and appreciated.

This year Yashar LaChayal and the organization’s partners distributed 7,000 mishlochei manot, the traditional Purim gift of sweets and snacks. Some of them were delivered to the organization’s “Warm Corner” rest stations, located at the entrances of towns frequented by army patrols, which are generally stocked with free food and beverages for the soldiers’ benefit. Some were personally delivered to army bases, and others given to soldiers on patrol and guarding throughout the country.

Yashar LaChayal had the privilege of providing mishlochei manot to many of the border patrol units in Jerusalem. These brave soldiers serve in one of the holiest cities in the world, and specifically in the city’s most dangerous neighborhoods. The border patrol soldiers in the Old City and throughout Jerusalem are on constant alert, and they most certainly deserved some sweets to remind them that they are supported and cared for.

In addition to Jerusalem’s border patrol units, Yashar LaChayal also delivered snack bags to the organization’s newly adopted border patrol unit in Beit Horon. Representatives of the organization enjoyed a wonderful adoption ceremony and had a great time handing out mishlochei manot. Yashar LaChayal also visited the Michmash base and handed out snack bags to a bunch of female soldiers who had just enlisted two days before. Besides distributing the mishlochei manot, Yashar LaChayal was able to wish the new recruits the best of luck in their army service.

Yashar LaChayal also stopped by Giv’at Asaf, where this past December a terrorist killed St.-Sgt. Yuval Mor Yosef and Sgt. Yosef Cohen four days after carrying out an attack in Ofra, killing Amiad Israel Ish-Ran, an unborn baby. Yashar LaChayal felt it was very important to stop by the neighboring base to spread some holiday cheer to the Nachshon Battalion soldiers who are serving in such a dangerous and sensitive area.

One of Yashar LaChayal’s final Purim events was a “soldier appreciation night” for the soldiers of the Yehuda region. A total of 350 soldiers were treated to a wonderful dinner and then a performance by a professional mentalist. In attendance were soldiers from the Golani brigade, the Givati brigade, the home front command, the combat engineering corps and the border patrol—all units who are charged with the safety and security of the Hebron area.

In a few weeks, Yashar LaChayal will be distributing hundreds of Passover food packages to needy soldiers and bereaved families of those who fell in Israel’s defense. 

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