Thursday, August 06, 2020

The Bruriah Lightning volleyball B team is off to a great start, after winning six consecutive games, obtaining an undefeated status. Led by coach Miriam Brickman and senior captains Kayla Miodownik and Racheli Finkelstein, the team started off at home, playing a doubleheader against Ma’ayanot. After only four matches with great serves from Dena Sheer and Daphna Hook, as well as stunning spiking from Devorah Burg, the Lightning brought it home. The second home game against Shulamith LI brought great teamwork from Sophie Seidman and Atara Mandel, as well as Atalia Levy, who stepped in in a pinch, winning the match for the team with her stellar serves. The long trek to Long Island was made worth it with yet another double win against SKA. With super sets from Shira Pfiefer, the team really brought their best game. Amidst the heat of the match, lighting struck at the final showdown with Henny Feltman, helping to seal the win. Catch the Lightning in action on November 19, at Bruriah against Shulamith of Brooklyn.

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