Saturday, August 08, 2020


Bill Jackson Visits RYNJ

Bill Jackson, world renown Singapore math specialist and author of the Dimensions Math textbook, visited RYNJ this week to train and coach teachers in the elementary school. Jackson has been working with RYNJ since last year and will continue to help us as we implement Singapore Math in a math workshop format.

Carmel Academy Opens Expanded Lending Library

In ancient times, libraries were often treated with a reverence akin to that shown to temples. Even today, most of us can remember at least one instance of feeling a sense of awe when walking into a beautiful, quiet space surrounded by thousands of books. To ensure that all Carmel students are able to savor this unique experience

Shana Tova L’Beit Sefer WTA

Prior to Rosh Hashanah, WTA students from kindergarten through fifth grade decided to send some “new year’s cheer” to a group of Israeli soldiers and military police in a warm and lovely gesture. Each child drew a new year’s card to be sent to Israeli soldiers and police officers, with messages written from their

WDS Enjoys Shofar Workshop

How’s Elul at WDS been? Shofar so good! Middle school students learned to make their own shofarot in their shofar workshop. First, they sanded the ram horns to bring them to smooth perfection. Then, they cut them and drilled holes to be able to blow through their shofarot. Lastly, they sanded the edges

WDS First Graders Vote for Favorite Rosh Hashanah Food

In light of the Israeli elections, first graders used the concept of an election and voted for their favorite food that is special for Rosh Hashanah. Apples and honey won! To celebrate, they enjoyed a snack of apples and honey and said the special bracha before they ate.

Carmel Academy Launches New Head of School Search

Last May, Carmel’s beloved Head of School Nora Anderson announced her intention to move on from Carmel at the end of the 2019-2020 school year after 17 years. “We broke ground in the Jewish Educational world. We embraced the idea of religious diversity as a reality and not just a concept. We opened the first special education

Rabbi G Visits Westchester Torah Academy

Middle schoolers at WTA had the great privilege of learning from Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg, popularly known as Rabbi G. Through his organization, Kids Kicking Cancer, Rabbi G is well-known for using martial arts and meditation techniques to awaken an inner power in children who are battling serious illness. In

WDS Fifth Graders Enjoy Annual Seining in the Long Island Sound

The fifth grade kicked off their semester-long study of the Long Island Sound with a visit to WDS’s waterfront, to explore the intertidal zone and the creatures who call it home. The students spent an hour turning over rocks and squatting next to tide pools to find crabs, snails, hermit crabs, sandworms, shrimp,

MTA Launches New Areas of Academic Concentration

This year, MTA expanded its academic programs for sophomores to offer three new areas of academic concentration: entrepreneurship, engineering+, and Torah leadership. Spearheaded by Director of Teaching and Learning Rabbi Dov Emerson, this new program gives talmidim the opportunity to hone their interests and gain in-depth

Frisch Students Explore the Meaning of a Machzor Verse

In preparation for the Yamim Noraim, Frisch sophomores in Rabbi Gedaliah Jaffe’s classes visited the Frisch art studio. There, they got to explore the meaning of a verse in one of the most evocative piyyutim in the high holidays liturgy: “Ka-chomer be’yad ha-Yotzer,” a metaphor describing Am Israel to Hashem as

WDS Second Grade Gardens

The second grade class began their plants unit with some time in the WDS garden! After a long summer, the garden needed some serious love, and second graders did not disappoint. They weeded beds, added compost and planted some fall vegetables. They were a huge help, and are looking forward to enjoying a delicious

WDS Takes Campus Field Trip With Ganon Adom

Ganon Adom students participated in a scavenger hunt to find natural objects. They also worked on their gross motor skills by balancing on various tree stumps. Then, the little artists brought back tree-bark to paint and become part of their classroom.

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