Wednesday, August 12, 2020


MTA launched virtual learning sessions, beginning on Wednesday, March 11, enabling talmidim to participate in daily interactive and engaging virtual learning sessions with their rebbeim and teachers. Highlights from these sessions include a Maseches Makkos trivia game in Rabbi Konigsberg’s shiur, exploring the connection between Purim and Pesach in Rabbi Tani Cohen’s shiur, using breakout sessions and screen-sharing to collaborate on JavaScript and Python work in Ms. Rosengard’s computer science class, and a demonstration of the difference between covalent and ionic bonds in Mr. Goldberg’s chemistry class. In addition to regular classes and shiurim, talmidim can take virtual advantage of the extra learning opportunities provided by MTA all year round, including Mishmar Madness and night seder. The yeshiva’s student activities department is also providing engaging virtual activities for talmidim, including a slam dunk and trick shot contest via Zoom.

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