Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Real Estate

Doing Little Saves Much (Time and Money)

Although getting a residential mortgage seems like no big deal, anyone who has ever applied for a mortgage knows that the paperwork involved can snowball into a mountain. My company’s practice is to detail what is needed up front in order to minimize any request for documentation during the process.

What Is the Current State of the Mitchell-Lama Program for Middle Class New Yorkers?

The incumbent mayor of the City of New York has devoted much attention to the provision of affordable housing for the city’s middle class. But long before he arrived on the scene, New York State had enacted the Mitchell-Lama program to provide affordable housing for the

Variances: Amateur Radio Installations Create a Special Zoning Situation

Part II

Let’s suppose that you awoke one morning to find a radio tower and antenna rising within sight of your bedroom window and that you had had no advance warning of its construction.

Pedestrian Scramble: A Glimpse Into King George Street

Twenty-five years later, after the state of Israel was created, there was a movement to change its name to King David Street. Israel’s president Yitzhak Ben-Tzvi successfully campaigned to retain the original name, reminding government officials that

Fall Tasks for Every Homeowner

(Courtesy of The temps are starting to drop; the smell of wood smoke is in the air. Temps are more chilly than

What Is a Variance? How Might It Affect My Property?

Part I

Although variances pertain to zoning law, when granted they do not constitute changes in the law. Rather, if approved, they are exceptions to zoning law, permitting the use of land in a

Steps to Save Energy in Your Home

(StatePoint) Reducing your energy use at home is a win-win for your wallet and the planet. Not only can it save you money on your bills now, but it could also improve your home’s

All Home Warranties Are Not Created Equal

(BPT) Having a home warranty is a smart way to help deal with the inevitable home repair problems that all property owners face at one point or another.

What Kind of House Can Survive a Tornado?

The horrific destruction visited upon Florida, Texas and islands of the Caribbean during the current hurricane season eradicated thousands of homes. Thus, the question arises: Is there an architectural design that enables houses to survive hurricanes and tornados? The answer appears to be the

Three Considerations When Choosing Your Next Garage Door

(BPT) If you’re buying a garage door this fall, you’ll be faced with several decisions that you likely never had to make before. Before you call

Bring Warmth Home This Fall

(StatePoint) With the shorter days and cooler nights of fall can come the urge to hibernate. But first prepare yourself and your home for the season with these

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

We recently marketed an apartment in Jerusalem’s Greek Colony. After three families made similar initial proposals, one buyer raised his bid and the owner accepted his revised offer. While the lawyers were revising the contract and the buyer was completing his due diligence, another potential

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