Sunday, January 26, 2020


Student Conference Imparts Fearlessness, Solidarity to Young Pro-Israel Leaders

On a hot mid-August day in Boston, when many of the city’s tens of thousands of college students had yet to arrive in their parents’ SUVs and U-Haul trucks, more than 60 pro-Israel student leaders from across North America huddled together in a hotel.

While most people their age might be holding down

Over 100 Charedi American Rabbis Urge Communities to Report Child Abuse to Civil Authorities

One-hundred-and-eight prominent Charedi rabbis and Jewish educators from across the United States have contributed their signatures to a kol koreh (public pronouncement) affirming the Biblical halachic obligation of all Jews to immediately report and notify secular law enforcement when a reasonable suspicion of child abuse exists

Will President Obama’s Administration Negotiate a Safe Deal With Iran?

U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew recently took the podium at a Jerusalem Post conference in New York to defend President Obama’s plans for a nuclear agreement with Iran. He told the crowd that President Obama would reinstate sanctions on Iran if the regime failed to live up to its commitments under the agreement currently being

World News Briefs

Israel-Linked Computer Virus Used to Hack Hotels Hosting Iran Talks

( An Israel-linked computer virus was purportedly found on computers at three luxury European hotels that have hosted negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program. According to the report in the

Will Erdogan’s Election Setback Spell Change for Turkey and Its Ties With Israel?

A political upheaval is seemingly under way in Turkey, as the rule of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan experienced a significant setback in the country’s June 7 parliamentary election. What does this mean for the country’s future as well as its relationship with the West and Israel?


Should America ‘Speak With One Voice’ on Israel?

For the first time, the US Supreme Court has ruled that the power to recognize foreign governments is exclusive to the president.

When President George W. Bush signed the Foreign Relations Authorization Act in the fall of 2002, it produced a mild diplomatic crisis. The act put

Israel’s Technion Gets Gates Foundation Grant for Tuberculosis Breakthrough

(Israel Hayom/Exclusive to The Haifa-based Technion-Israel Institute of Technology has been awarded a grant for a tuberculosis detection breakthrough as part of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Grand Challenges Exploration program.

The foundation has committed $100 million

Student Works to Prevent Collisions at Railroad Crossings

Recent tragic railroad crossing accidents underscore the danger inherent at railroad crossings throughout the globe. A Boys Town Jerusalem student has devised an innovative solution to keep roads and lives safe when cars and trains intersect. Moshe Ukashi, 20, devoted his recent senior project at Boys Town Jerusalem’s College of

US Lawmakers Approve Measure to Prevent Anti-Israel Boycotts

The US House of Representatives approved a measure Friday that could result in punitive measures against European companies that boycott Israel.

The measure, which was already approved by the US Senate last month, is part of the large bill called the Trade Act of 2015 that is set to arrive at the

India’s Young Jews Eye Israel

One of the most densely populated cities in the world, Mumbai, formerly Bombay, is home to the majority of India’s Jewish population. Among the 12 million people that make up the city, some 4,000 Jews live in the city. While many of India’s Jews have immigrated to Israel, the United States, Great Britain and elsewhere, around

Israel Crisis Averted in Missouri as Biology Professor’s Anti-Zionist Course Nixed

A University of Missouri (MU) Fall 2015 honors tutorial that pro-Israel students felt would promote bigotry and misinformation on their college campus has been cancelled. “Perspectives on Zionism,” which was scheduled to be taught by self-proclaimed “post-Zionist” and “Nakba Jew-in-law,” George Smith, was nixed due to

Sharsheret’s Rochelle Shoretz: The Ride of a Lifetime

This hesped was presented at the levaya of Rochelle Shoretz, the founder of Sharsheret.

I would like to say a few things to Rochie – I want to ask for mechila (forgiveness) for anything I may have done and said. I would also like to share my immense gratitude for everything you have taught me

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