Monday, June 01, 2020


Visiting Israel, Terror Victim Ezra Schwartz’s Family Sees ‘Where His Soul Is’

Ezra Schwartz’s body was buried in the United States. But the way his family sees it, his soul remains in Israel.

“The goal was to come and see the places that Ezra was, where he hung out, what he enjoyed, how he spent his time with his friends, as a way to feel closer to him. He was here for

Gush Etzion Residents Have Electricity Cut Off in Suspicious Circumstances

Various settlements in Gush Etzion in the West Bank had their electricity cut off for six hours on New Year’s Eve. An initial inspection revealed that a wire with stone was thrown at a power line in a Palestinian village, damaging it.

Suspicion was aroused last Friday of intentional damage to

97-Year-Old Is Oldest Person to Make Aliyah This Year

Melba Landa made aliyah from Moscow after devoting her life to fighting for Soviet Jewry and for human rights in the USSR and modern Russia.

Melba Landa, 97, the oldest woman to make aliyah in 2015, was born in Odessa, now in Ukraine, and currently lives with her son and daughter-in-law

Turkish President Erdogan: Turkey Needs Israel

“Israel needs a country like Turkey in the region, and we also need to accept that we need Israel. This is the reality in the region,” he says • Meanwhile, Erdogan’s office backtracks after he cites Hitler’s Germany as ideal presidential system.

Turkish President Recep

America’s Voices in Israel Taps David Schizer As New President

New York–Recognizing the importance of educating influential Americans about Israel, America’s Voices in Israel (AVI) has appointed David Schizer, the Dean Emeritus of Columbia Law School, as its new president.

AVI organizes week-long missions to the Jewish state, which have been

‘Historic Justice Has Been Done,’ Says Wife, Mother of Kuntar Victims

Following the killing of Hezbollah terrorist Samir Kuntar in an airstrike attributed to Israel, Smadar Haran, whose husband and young daughters were killed in a 1979 attack led by Kuntar, says, “I never had a doubt that the score would be settled.”

“When I go out to my yard in the

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Three Attacked in Jerusalem Stabbing Attack, Aish HaTorah Rabbi Killed

(Israel Hayom/Exclusive to and combined sources) Three people were stabbed in Jerusalem on Wednesday. Rabbi Reuven Biermacher HY"D, a beloved rebbe in the Aish HaTorah Spanish program, was killed. “He

Jerusalem Woman Removed From Mikvah Premises by Police After Demanding Private Immersion

A woman seeking to immerse in a mikvah without a female mikvah attendant present was prevented from doing so at two separate mikvaot in Jerusalem on Thursday night, and the police were called by mikvah staff to remove her from the premises of the second mikvah building.

The woman is one of a

Hamas-Islamic State Cooperation Adds New Layer to Middle East Threats

In a region full of challenges and short on solutions, reported cooperation between Hamas and the Islamic State branch in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula–considered by many experts to be the terror group’s most potent offshoot–adds a new layer of threats to Middle East stability and especially to Israel.

From Flotilla to Friends? Turkey-Israel Reconciliation Not So Simple

Israel and Turkey are close to signing a deal to normalize diplomatic ties following a secret meeting in Switzerland between senior officials.

Reports indicate that incoming Israeli Mossad chief Yossi Cohen and Joseph Ciechanover, who is Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s top envoy with

SAR Cruises Past Kushner Cobras

On the final night of November, the SAR varsity basketball team squared off with the Kushner Cobras in Livingston, NJ. SAR is coming off a fifth place finish in this year’s inaugural Steve Glouberman tournament. The team is now looking to feed off their subpar finish, to build on what hopes to be a successful regular season.

World News Briefs

Messianic Jew Killed in San Bernardino Had Argument on Islam with Shooter

( One of the 14 victims of the Dec. 2 terror attack in San Bernardino, Calif., was a Messianic Jew who purportedly had previously gotten into a heated debate with one of the shooters over the

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