Saturday, August 15, 2020

Yom Ha’aztmaut (Israel Independence Day) has brought together two very different sectors of Israeli society to celebrate the country’s 69th anniversary. Thirty Israel Defense Forces soldiers visited Seeach Sod’s adult vocational center in Jerusalem, just ahead of the annual celebrations. It was a unique and off-beat encounter, as Seeach Sod is a lifeline to over 900 children, teens, and young adults with special needs and their families with a variety of outreach programs.


The soldiers were enthusiastically greeted and entertained by “Menachem,” a young adult with cantorial talents, who performed a rousing rendition of the Hatikvah for them. The soldiers were then treated to a VIP tour of the vocational facility and then broke up into groups, where they created festive decorations for the Jewish holidays.

“Everyone, from the soldiers to Seeach Sod’s young adults and staff felt inspired by this encounter. A truly festive atmosphere resounded throughout the building. This was a unique meeting, where Seeach Sod’s young adults felt blessed by the visitors and offered heart-felt blessings themselves to the soldiers,” said Leah Mendelowitz, Seeach Sod’s director of international relations.

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