Saturday, August 15, 2020

(Israel Hayom/Exclusive to Following the cancellation of a meeting between Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Ukraine summoned Israeli Ambassador to Kiev Eli Belotserkovsky in an effort to clarify the situation.

Netanyahu disinvited Groysman from a planned visit to Israel due to Ukraine’s vote in favor of the U.N. Security Council resolution against Israeli settlements. An unnamed top diplomatic official in Ukraine said, “We were surprised by the emotional response of officials and politicians in Israel. Ukraine understands Israel’s position, but this is about Ukraine’s stance regarding the Middle East, and the reprimand discussion [with Belotserkovsky] led from that to a conversation about strengthening ties and lowering the flames.”

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that Belotserkovsky “spoke with his colleagues about the free trade agreement between the countries, about the deal to bring foreign workers to Israel and further eased [restrictions] in the field of aviation.”


“They also spoke about future visits at higher levels. In other words, the cancellation of Prime Minister Groysman’s visit is temporary, and it’s possible that such a visit will take place at a later stage in the coming year,” the ministry said.

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