Thursday, April 09, 2020

Hadar Cohen Hy

Three Terrorists Carry Out Combined Shooting and Stabbing Attack at Damascus Gate

(Jpost and combined sources) A Border Policewomen, 19, who was drafted two months ago, was killed and a second was badly wounded in a combined terror stabbing and shooting attack at Damascus Gate in Jerusalem's Old City on Wednesday. Succumbing to her wounds soon after the attack was Hadar Cohen Hy"d, from Or Yehuda. She had been shot in the head.

Police said that three terrorists, armed with three automatic weapons, knives and two explosive devices, arrived at the Damascus Gate. The terrorists aroused the suspicion of a Border Police unit in the area.

A Border Police officer asked the suspects for their identification cards. One of the terrorists provided his ID card to the officers while a second terrorist pulled out a rifle and began firing shots. Police said later that the Border Policewoman prevented a much bigger attack by identifying the suspects and asking them for identification.

The unit quickly responded, firing at and killing all three terrorists.

Palestinian sources identified the three terrorists as Ahmed Rajeh Zakarneh, Mohamed Ahmed Kmail and Ahmed Najeh Abu Al-Rub. The sources said that the three 20-year-old men came from the town of Qabatiya in the Jenin area, in the northern West Bank.

The three terrorists had no prior security records.

Editor's note: CBS widely reported this story as "3 Palestinians Killed  as Daily Violence Grinds On."

Israel Police Seeks to Bolster Presence in Arab Sector

(Israel Hayom/Exclusive to The Israel Police is seeking to bolster its presence in the Jewish state’s Arab sector by enlisting 1,350 additional policemen and setting up 10 new police stations nationwide, Israel Hayom reported Tuesday. The cost of the plan, which is part of an overall government plan to increase governance in the Arab sector, is estimated at 800 million shekels (about $200 million).

A special ministerial committee headed by Israeli Immigrant Absorption Minister Ze’ev Elkin and Tourism Minister Yariv Levin will oversee the plan’s implementation. Increased presence on the ground is part of the police’s plan to streamline law enforcement efforts in the Arab sector, especially concerning construction law.

The ministerial committee is also scheduled to discuss the appropriation of 10 billion shekels ($2.5 billion) in the Arab sector’s development. As part of the government’s plan, the Interior Ministry’s Planning Administration will complete its outline for Arab authorities’ new zoning and construction plans within two years.

Arab authorities found to be in gross violation of constructions laws will not be eligible for additional development budgets. Under the Arab sector’s development plan, local Arab authorities will be required to formulate ways to eradicate illegal construction in their jurisdiction, including specific enforcement goals, which the police would need to approve.


Early Humans Living in Cave Near Tel Aviv Ate Tortoises, Israeli Researchers Say

( Researchers from Tel Aviv University, in collaboration with Spanish and German scholars, discovered that early humans living in the Qesem Cave near Tel Aviv 400,000 years ago ate tortoises as part of their diet.

“Until now, it was believed that Palaeolithic humans hunted and ate mostly large game and vegetal material,” said Prof. Ran Barkai, Tel Aviv University’s Institute of Archaeology. “Our discovery adds a really rich human dimension–a culinary and therefore cultural depth to what we already know about these people.”

Tortoise specimens were found all over the Qesem Cave, revealing evidence that they were eaten during the entire 200,000 years of human habitation at the cave. Researchers also were able to understand how humans ate the tortoises.

“We know by the dental calculus we discovered earlier, that the Qesem inhabitants also ate vegetables,” said Barkai. “Now we can say they also ate tortoises, which were collected, butchered and roasted even though they do not provide as many calories as fallow deer, for example.”

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