Friday, February 28, 2020

( In its biannual report for Israeli tourists, the Counterterrorism Bureau at the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office on Sunday warned that after Islamist terror attacks in Belgium, Canada, Australia, Denmark, and France over the past year, there is a possibility of further jihadist attacks against Israeli and Jewish sites in Western nations.

But despite mentioning the “global terror campaign of Iran and Hezbollah” against Jewish and Israeli targets, the Counterterrorism Bureau did not issue specific warnings against travel to any Western country during the upcoming Passover holiday. The report did warn against travel to 41 destinations that are either closed to or considered dangerous for Israelis—a list comprised of mostly Arab or Muslim-majority countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

The Israeli bureau issued a warning at its highest alert level against travel to Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, citing a range of security concerns and emphasizing the risk posed by the Islamic State terror group’s “Sinai Province” branch. Additionally, the bureau warned against non-essential travel to Turkey. In February, an Israeli businessman was arrested and spent three days in a Turkish prison after the Turkish carrier Pegasus Airlines accused him of stealing a bag of dry soup mix on a flight from Tel Aviv to Istanbul. Turkish leaders have recently accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of“crimes against humanity” and “state terrorism.”

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