Tuesday, July 07, 2020

A trusted friend shared the following list of eight suggestions with me yesterday, which she had just received from a level-headed, sensible friend. I share these recommendations here because they seem both reasonable and practical.

I welcome either of these friends to chime in if they have any background on these ideas. And I welcome comments from any readers too.

The eight suggestions:

1. In keeping with the critically important practice of social distancing, go shopping for food and essentials in the early morning hours, to avoid crowds and before germs build up in the air. Avoid crowded aisles and double back for items when there are fewer people.

2. Or, instead of going to the supermarket, use Peapod or other delivery service for your groceries.

3. Also in keeping with the practice of social distancing, keep only essential appointments and activities. Better safe than sorry.

4. Purchase frozen fruits and veggies instead of fresh to avoid produce that has been touched by many hands.

5. Wash hands right before touching food. For example, when opening a box of crackers or a wedge of cheese (especially one that was recently purchased), open the outside box, inside bag, or wrapper and THEN wash hands just before touching the food contents.

6. Eat finger food with utensils. A spoonful of popcorn might seem weird, but so are these times.

7. Finding trusted, reliable sources of information is essential, as is having an actionable plan.

8. Where possible, use self-checkout lanes in stores to minimize contact that cashiers have with your stuff, who have also been handling everyone else’s stuff.

And I’ll add a ninth idea of my own:

9. Get your information on the latest developments with the Coronavirus virus, and preventative measures, from trusted sources (like the CDC, your county’s board of health or an established and respected news source). And be careful about what you read on social media. 

By Harry Glazer 



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