Saturday, August 08, 2020

Simcha Link Launches New Professional Relationship Coaching Services

(Courtesy of (Formerly has brought to fruition over 3,000

Ten Tips for Giving a Successful Dvar Torah at a Simcha

Public speaking: some people shine in the spotlight, some people don’t mind it and will speak when asked, while others dread it and avoid it at all costs. Whatever the feelings toward speaking, there will usually come a time in someone’s life where they are asked to

It’s the Thought That Counts and Keeps on Giving

L’Dor V’Dor. When my son married recently in Cleveland, incorporated into the ceremony were the usual memories and keepsakes of the family now departed. Our son Judd carries his name in memory of my father’s youngest brother Jerome. My Uncle Jerome, in turn,

Rena Soclof Offers Help and Creative Ideas for Chanukah Parties

As Thanksgiving wraps up another delicious year, the Jewish community moves full steam ahead into Chanukah preparations. With any event, there are ways to streamline a process and make things run smoothly. “Hosting is a wonderful thing and can be fun,” said

This Chanukah, Give the Gift of Memories

Gift giving is undeniably intertwined with Chanukah, and it is difficult (possibly futile) to try and pretend otherwise. It is a fun part of the eight days—whether it’s the receiving of a beloved gift, or picking out the perfect item that you know a family member or friend

Aviva Breda Consulting Suggests New Ideas in Sukkah Decorating

Many Sukkot decorations miraculously withstand the elements from year to year. Walls of the sukkah are adorned with store-bought decorations, homemade crafts and school projects. Sukkot has a dual nature when looking to enhance the Yom Tov. On the one hand, it

Ways to Make Your Home Guest Friendly

When guests come to visit, you want their stay to be perfect. The beds are made, pillows fluffed and the music is playing in the background. Having most of my family live far away, we have found some preparations helpful in making their stay as comfortable as possible (and the more

Y-Studs Present ‘Evolution of Jewish Music’

The Jewish High Holidays are upon us, and with them comes Y-Studs A Cappella’s latest compelling vocal production. From the

A Sparkling Wedding Miracle

In this community, many have the good fortune of being invited to weddings all the time. Some are more memorable than others. However, I can rest assured that no one in attendance will ever forget the sparkling event that took place at the Atrium in Monsey on Tuesday, August 22.

Party Themes for a Summer Bash to Remember

(BPT) When summer party season arrives, your guests will be happy to eat the grilled food you serve and down gallons of iced tea, but will they recall your party after Labor Day? Every good host wants to

Getting Creative With Chesed at Ella’s Bat Mitzvah 

When Ella Morgenstern was planning her recent bat mitzvah, she knew she wanted the celebration to include a special activity that would benefit others. But she also wanted her friends and family to enjoy the simcha and have fun. So she brainstormed with her parents to decide on the perfect project. In the end, she

Penny and Co. Events Advises on Summer Celebrations and Tips for Outdoor Entertaining

During the warmer months, many people like to take advantage of the venue an outdoor backdrop provides. Without careful planning, the differences can be difficult to navigate. Penny Rabinowitz, a seasoned event planner, has extensive experience in all types of events, including entertaining outdoors, and spoke to The Jewish Link with her advice on how to make

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