Saturday, August 08, 2020

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Helping Children Who Need Structure Enjoy Days Off

Successful Yom Tov days need more than just a perfect menu. This year, Rosh Hashanah comes right after school starts, which means there will be constant fluctuations in schedule and routines.

Bridal Couples Are Creating New Wedding Trends

Today’s wedding couples are updating treasured traditions—and adding some of their own—to reflect their personal tastes and lifestyles, with a focus on providing guests with a great party. For couples today, it’s about less time sitting and more time dancing and

Traits to Look for When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

(BPT) Planning a wedding is no small task. In order to enjoy the process (and stay sane), it’s important to recognize early on which details can be decided quickly, and

MTA Celebrates Commencement of 100th Graduating Class

On Monday, June 11, MTA celebrated the commencement ceremony of its 100th graduating class. The program opened with inspiring words from Head of School Rabbi Joshua Kahn, who also acknowledged the 17 families who were experiencing their last MTA graduation as their youngest or only son

The Sheva Brachot Are Over. Now What?

Tips for transitioning from singledom to married life.

With a chorus of mazel tovs and a flurry of activity, the newly engaged couple goes from engagement parties, to registering, to the wedding and

Wedding Hair Is in the Air

Planning a wedding soon? Mazal tov! One of the most exciting aspects of planning a wedding for the bride and her bridal party is of course the dresses! When shopping for a dress you need to factor in the overall look you want to

Can You Make a Simcha Go Green?

Though Earth Day may be in our rearview mirror, a sense of awareness of our natural resources should never be far from our minds. Making a simcha is no exception to our need to think of ways to cut back on waste. Now, we would never expect anyone to do away with disposable

This Is the Greatest Seder

Everyone knows that one of the goals of Pesach, more so than any other yom tov, is to make the Seder and its messages engaging for children. The mitzvah of the Pesach Seder is “V’higadita l’vincha,” meaning “and you should tell your son,” emphasizing the importance of retelling the story of

Irvington Teen Renovates Youth Lounge at Local Residential Treatment Facility

In honor of her bat mitzvah, Rebecca Strauss, of Irvington, singlehandedly designed and renovated the youth lounge at the Sally & Anthony Mann Center in Hawthorne, a residential treatment facility for girls ages 12 to 21 with severe emotional challenges, run by The

The Becher Aims to Properly Commemorate Destruction of Temple

(Courtesy of The Becher) We’ve all been there. Sitting at a nice restaurant, enjoying the company of family and friends, when the waiter

Top Seven Hair or Sheitel Mistakes That Age You

By Sari Friedbauer

You cut your hair/sheitel too short.

Tu B’Shevat: Happy Birthday to...the Trees?

From an early age, children learn that Tu B’Shevat is the “birthday of the trees.” Stores stock up on dried fruit, and everyone learns a collection of upbeat songs that embrace the coming of spring in contrast to the freezing temperatures

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