Saturday, August 08, 2020

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Solving the Medicare Puzzle: Finding the Medicare Coverage That Suits You

If you are turning 65, or are already a member of the Medicare-eligible market, you’ve more than likely spent a number of hours reviewing the Medicare system. During this research, I am fairly certain that you have wanted to:

Tips to Simplify Healthy Eating

It isn’t complicated to eat right. Here are my tips for healthier eating.

I know I have addressed it before that the healthiest way to eat is by avoiding fad diets. Many people want to eat

Changing Genes

Genetics is a popular topic and one that always raises great interest. What genetic testing can be done and what is not halachically permitted? What are the ramifications of genetic testing and what can we do with the information? And what is medically

Can Mold Make My Family Sick?

As we admire the beautiful colors of the fall season, all too soon we will be hearing about the flu, common cold and other illnesses. But we should pause to realize that perhaps what is causing us to feel run down or sick is not the common cold, but something lurking in our homes,

Post-Yom Tov Detox

What do most of the people do on January 1? They make resolutions! They write lists of ways to make themselves feel better, including exercising as well as sleeping more, eating better and spending more quality time with friends and family. What do Modern Orthodox Jews do

A Personal Tribute to Dr. John Sarno

Recently, a 93-year-old man who had a profound impact on my life passed away. He was not a family member or a rabbi. In fact, he wasn’t Jewish, and I actually only spoke to him two or three times in my life. But in the past 23 years, there was rarely a week that went by

Management of Common Running Injuries

We know we are supposed to exercise to maintain good health, and many of us try hard to do so. More than 40 million Americans run regularly, perhaps because it is such an easy sport to take up. Running not only results in good health but, unfortunately, often results in injuries. The vast

Give Us Life

(Courtesy of PUAH) The Annual Meeting of the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) in Geneva showcased a number of interesting

What Are the Dangers of Sugar? Do We Eat Too Much of It?

There are always different theories about what foods are healthy and which foods cause diseases. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommendation is to consume less than 10 percent of total calories per day from sugar. Most of us consume much more than that from eating large amounts of refined foods. This does not only prevent

Learning From Tragedy: Rising Above It All

Imagine having all you need, your dream house, your dream job, your dream car and then imagine losing it all. The emptiness, the hurt, the desperation, the crisis, the anxiety and the fear all come rushing into our heads and the emotions of hopelessness commence to pour

A Psychologist’s Guide to Interpersonal Repentance

As Yom Kippur approaches, many of us find ourselves in a more reflective mood than usual about our lives and our relationships. It is both a somber period, as we consider our mortality and flaws, and a hopeful one, as we resolve to make next year a better one and

Surviving and Thriving Over the Jewish Holidays

As summer turns to fall and a chill creeps into the warm air, it’s a sign that the Jewish holiday season is upon us. In addition to the spiritual preparation this time of year entails, many of us are thinking about more pragmatic matters – where we will be spending the holidays, what food to

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