Saturday, August 08, 2020

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Are You Overpaying for Your Medicare Health Benefits?

It’s time for the Days of Awe and that also means it’s Medicare Media Bombardment time trying to convince you and, in my view, actually brainwash you into thinking the more you pay the more superior company’s XYZ plan is to the one you have already or are about to go into if you are becoming Medicare eligible and are (this is

Salt: When Is It Too Much?

It is often said when talking about diet restrictions that one should avoid refined sugar, fats or carbohydrates, but how often do we talk about salt?

Salt is present in many foods such as dairy products, protein and, of course, snack foods. Salt is used to enhance the taste of your food in cooking, and

Healthy Breakfasts Start the School Year Right

The summer has nearly ended and the school year is beginning. What can you do this year to stay healthy? I know I have written before about healthy snacks and healthy breakfasts to get the kids ready and provide energy for them to succeed in school. But I want to elaborate on those thoughts. It

Calvary Expands Jewish Community Program With Refrigerator/Freezer for Kosher Foods

(Courtesy of Calgary Hospital) Calvary Hospital recently added a brand-new refrigerator/freezer at their Bronx campus, dedicated to storing glatt kosher meals and

The Hubbub Behind Honey

Inside that innocuous yet ubiquitous bear bottle sits that golden nectar, aka honey, a product that holds real estate in most people’s and bees’ homes alike. It’s basically a pantry staple, utilized in baked goods, dressings and sauces, or marinades for your meats. Honey has been the “bees’

Food Advocates and Recovery Advocates

There is a plethora of individuals who make it their mission to promote education and awareness around mental health issues—a mission to which I not only relate, but work hard to make a part of my daily life. One of the difficulties in performing such a task is encompassing all the various essential

Sleep: A Key Ingredient to Happy, Healthy and Productive Lives

One of the most common complaints that I hear from clients in therapy is that they have trouble sleeping. This can be for a wide variety of reasons, but regardless of the cause, poor sleep can cause a host of other problems such as irritability, trouble

Should We Consume Fat or Not?

Do you remember the low-fat craze in the ‘80s? I am not sure people realize it was not so good for our health. As fats were omitted from the food in our diet, refined sugars and high-fructose corn syrup were substituted to make up for the taste. What happened? A

Tips for Being a Long-Distance Caregiver

Being a long distance caregiver is challenging. If you live far away from your relative and don’t get a chance to visit often being on the lookout for important signifiers allows you to anticipate issues and act proactively.

A Gut Feeling…

Did you ever say “I have a gut feeling”? There may be more truth to that statement than you know. There has been a lot of research lately regarding the human microbiome, which is referring to the bacteria that live in the human digestive system.

‘Life for Lyme’ Provides Invaluable Guidance on Elusive Yet Debilitating Disease

Leah, an 8-year-old girl, was complaining of headaches, backaches, dizziness and nausea. After months of specialist visits, hospital stays and batteries of tests, there was no diagnosis in sight.

Do You Need a Multivitamin?

I know it is a question frequently asked. Multivitamins are one of the most commonly purchased over-the-counter supplements. It is true that a multivitamin will help in a case where there is a nutritional deficiency. However, although it will not cause harm, it may be a waste of money if you are

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