Monday, August 10, 2020


A Mickey Mouse Passover

I am not quite sure why I have to write this letter, since I have contacted several news agencies about the fraud being perpetrated at Pesach programs seemingly on a yearly basis, yet no one thought it worthy of their coverage.

And so I will write it myself.

Down in

Personal Reflections on Herman Wouk

My late mother, Shirley Friedberg Neustein, z”l, was a childhood friend of Herman Wouk, z”l, who attended the boys division of a Zionist camp (Keeyuma/Carmelia) in the 1920s and ‘30s, which was picturesquely situated on Lake Champlain in Milton, Vermont. They kept up until my mother died in 2001. I gathered bits and pieces of

We Are Our Own Worst Enemy

The rapid descent of American Jews today into a suicidal death spiral is among the most alarming things I’ve witnessed in my many years on this earth. We Jews have reveled over the millennia, in blaming everyone else for persecuting us, and have finally found the greatest haven in history here in America, where we were able to grow and

#Provaxx Next Steps

Thank you for your informative and important article (“Jewish Community Comes Out #Provaxx,” April 16, 2019) on vaccinations in the Jewish community. You mention that “The Moriah school decided to take even more proactive steps” and tested all of our faculty to ensure that they have antibodies to measles. Our school nurse suggested

Is Israel Yeshiva Overcrowding a Drawback of Communal Growth?

Our Israeli seminary/yeshiva system has rejected a number of students due to what they explain is overcrowding. After 12 or more years in the yeshiva system, my 18-year-old, who wanted to continue learning for an additional year to develop his spirituality, closeness to Hashem, Torah learning and love of Israel, was told that there are no

A Super Opportunity

As parents, we have often noted the central and, perhaps, oversized role sports plays in our

There Are None So Blind as Those Who Will Not See

As almost everyone in America now knows, the Democratic Party has swung far to the left

Chutzpah in Our Streets and Beyond

I recently walked by a local yeshiva and was intentionally taunted by a student who shouted

We Must Stand With the Constitution

Those who suffered 2,000 years of persecution surely recognize the danger of a government that has abandoned the principle of equal justice under the law. There is now the clear and present danger that progressives—who have their own set of laws—will buy every available election this November 6, with billions of taxpayer

A Letter to Graduating Seniors


As I sit down to write this article, I am just days away from attending my first significant graduation as a father. True, it is an elementary school graduation and not a high school one, but those milestone moments at any age prompt parents to think about the words of wisdom

No More War in the Middle East

First, you must know that I am an ardent Zionist. Everything I will say after this is predicated upon my love of the Jewish people and of Israel. So here we go.

I believe that most people simply want to live their lives in peace, earning enough money to feed themselves, their wife

Jews and Politics: Are We Our Own Worst Enemy?

Ask any Jew how smart Jews are, and they immediately wax poetic on how many Nobel Prizes they’ve won and how great their achievements have been, out of all proportion to their numbers, in the fields of science, literature, law, technology, medicine, military, etc.  However, amid all their

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