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Surviving the Endless ‘Rejoicing’ of Sukkot

“The chagim were so relaxing,” said no one in the Jewish Link office, especially those who hosted families with babies for all or most of Sukkot. In an email discussion/therapy session, several of us weighed in about how we made it through the holiday. “In my home, we had many priceless moments: great meals shared with an expanding

Do PBA Cards Really Work?

“PBA” stands for the Police Benevolent Association and nearly every police officer in the United States is a member. Friends and family members of police officers are sometimes given a PBA Courtesy Card. A PBA card will usually have printed on it, “The bearer of this card is a supporter of the PBA and you should try to extend

Same Difference

Jeanie and Lily were twin sisters and best friends. They shared a room, clothing, friends and just about everything else. They went to the same school (of course) and were often in the same class (although some teachers had a hard time telling them apart). As far as their personalities were concerned, both Jeanie and Lily were

Brendon Conroy Campaigns to Become New Rochelle’s Next Mayor

On Tuesday, November 5, Brendon Conroy is looking to oust the 13-year incumbent mayor of New Rochelle, Noam Branson.

“Having been born at New Rochelle Hospital, back when it was New Rochelle Hospital, I’ve lived here my entire life. From Glenwood Lake to Bonnie Crest, from Forest Heights to

New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson Seeks Fourth Term

Noam Bramson was inaugurated as the mayor of New Rochelle in January 2006, and since then has been re-elected three times. On Tuesday November 5, New Rochelle voters will be given the opportunity to decide if they will once again elect Bramson as their mayor.

“The outcome of this election is

WTA Launches Student Support Center

Westchester Torah Academy (WTA) is proud to announce the creation of its Student Support Center beginning with this new school year.

WTA specializes in individualized education, and the creation of the Student Support Center was the next step to support the school’s policies.

What’s in Your Wallet?

OK, not really “wallet.” Really “briefcase,” but briefcase doesn’t have the same ring to it, and many people don’t carry one, and those who do, don’t carry what I am going to write about in this article.

Every week we are all deluged by reading material. Whether we subscribe to it

Teacher Observations

One of the gedolim of American day school education was Alvin Schiff, Ph.D. During his long and distinguished career he served as the head of the Board of Jewish Education in New York and as a professor and chairman of the graduate program in Jewish education at Yeshiva University. He trained many principals and Jewish educators. What

Westchester Day School Adds Staff to Leadership Team

Westchester Day School (WDS) welcomed two new professionals to its Educational Leadership Team this year. Ahuva Halberstam has been appointed the elementary school principal and Jamie Schneider Schwartz will serve as the early childhood director.

Ahuva Halberstam is a

Friendship Circle Kicks Off the Year With Inspiring Volunteer Event

Friendship Circle recently held its volunteer kickoff event, with almost 100 Fairfield County high school students in attendance. 

Malya Shmotkin, director of Friendship Circle, and Menucha Hanoka, program coordinator, explained that there were about 100 kids with special

Call Us Before It Is Too Late

 Advertising with The Jewish Link has made me feel like a mini celebrity. Maybe not quite as famous as my instafamous wife @wellsquarednutrition (forgive the shameless plug), but my parents and kids take great pride in my weekly appearances, and other acquaintances—and even strangers—often approach me and say, “Hey Jeff, I saw your

Akiva Fuld Asks, ‘How Can I Help?’

As we approach Yom Kippur, making amends and helping others becomes of key importance. These days, I am personally on the receiving end of an outpouring of care and concern from our family and the community after unfortunately breaking my arm, and I deeply and sincerely appreciate the offer of “How can I try to help you

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