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Quality Professional Development

The recent announcement by Herzog Teachers’ College in Jerusalem and the Israeli Ministry of Education of a new Teaching Certificate for Diaspora Educators prompts another look at the need for quality professional development for our day school educators. The program, called Rimonim, will consist of academic-level courses

‘Intimate Voices’ Continues 11th Season With Classical Music Presentation 

(Courtesy of Intimate Voices) Intimate Voices, a Riverdale-based chamber music series featuring world-class musicians, will present the second series concert of its 11th season on Saturday January 11, at 8:00 p.m. at its home, the Conservative Synagogue Adath Israel of Riverdale (CSAIR), 475 West 250th Street, Bronx, New

Chanukah Mixed Media

Looking for a craft for a Chanukah project but don’t want to spend a lot on supplies? Go raid your craft cabinet and make these mixed-media menorahs! Set out small bowls with whatever you have on hand and let the kids mix it up. Ten mismatched buttons, a small piece of ribbon and some leftover beads from another project

Israel’s Current Impasse

For too many people, both in Israel and outside, the present political situation may seem incomprehensible.

After two elections in nine months, Israel still has no government, and a third round of elections within a year appears possible.

Who and what is responsible

The Need for an Israel Gap Year Fund

In the fall of 2014, an inquiry was made by an RKYHS Judaic studies faculty member about where a particular student would be spending a gap year in Israel. To the teacher’s surprise, he was told that this student would likely not be going to Israel at all. While some students may decide to go straight to college, this particular student

Yachad Riverdale Offers Expanded Programming

Tobey Lass-Karpel has been the Yachad Riverdale coordinator since January 2018. She recently reviewed some of the new initiatives for local families.

One of these programs is a monthly Parents Support Group at RJC. In the November meeting, summer options, including sleepaway camp, day camp and

Gifts or Gelt: Chanukah Traditions Then and Now  

On December 22, families around the world will light the first Chanukah candle. While the holiday of Chanukah has specific laws regarding lighting the menorah, other observances are family traditions that have evolved over generations.

Sisters Erika Gershuni of Teaneck and Cheryl Malina of New

Can Women ‘Make It All Work?’

Reviewing: “Making It (All) Work: Women Surviving and Thriving at Work: A Practical Guide to Hashkafah and Halachah in the Workplace,” by Rabbi Ari Wasserman, with Miryam Wasserman. Feldheim, 2019; 485 pages, ISBN: 978-i-68025-408-2. 

Observant Jewish women wear multiple

Mordechai Schmutter (That’s Me) Publishes Seventh Humor Book 

Highlighting: “Dear Mr. Schmutter...They’re Asking Me?” by Mordechai Schmutter. Israel Bookshop Publications. 2019. Hardcover. ISBN-13: 978-1600917417.

The book “Dear Mr. Schmutter…They’re Asking Me?” is a collection of over 60 humorous advice columns. Picture what “Dear Abby”

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin Celebrates Jewish Unity, Not Uniformity 

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin’s brow furrows when he speaks of polarization in the larger Jewish community, but it smooths when he speaks of his teachers and their messages, his students and his work. He flashes his trademark wide smile, showing intrinsic joy in an unshakeable view that Judaism is a religion of human compassion, and that

Introducing iKeep: How Three High School Students Plan to Solve the Teenage Shabbos Epidemic 

On November 10, over 100 Modern Orthodox high school students from across North America from 14 different schools traveled to Stamford, Connecticut, to attend a conference run by NCSY and the Orthodox Union, called NCSY Jump. The goal of this conference was to empower Modern Orthodox teenagers to first identify a

Neve Yerushalayim: In the Business of Igniting Souls

(Courtesy of Neve Yerushalayim) Jerusalem, December 1980. A young American tourist wearing jeans and a backpack descends the steps to the Kotel plaza. Gazing at the Wall for the first time, she knows she’s supposed to be moved. But she’s too annoyed—even angry—about the partition separating men and women. Why are women

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