Tuesday, July 14, 2020

New Rochelle’s Mayor Noam Bramson.

Noam Bramson was inaugurated as the mayor of New Rochelle in January 2006, and since then has been re-elected three times. On Tuesday November 5, New Rochelle voters will be given the opportunity to decide if they will once again elect Bramson as their mayor.

“The outcome of this election is important to all voters!” Bramson explained. “To continue moving in the right direction, New Rochelle needs capable, experienced, progressive leadership that works full time to address our city’s major challenges and that respects and welcomes residents of every tradition and circumstance. New Rochelle’s Jewish community has made invaluable contributions to our civic life, and Jewish residents are well-attuned to the opportunities that will shape our future, including downtown development, investment in infrastructure, environmental protection and responsible fiscal management.”

Bramson revealed that both his parents were born in Poland and became refugees during the Second World War, barely escaping the Holocaust. “Their experience imprinted on them a profound belief in the rights and responsibilities of a free society, and has shaped my own commitment to public service.” 

Bramson added, “In addition to my formal responsibilities as mayor, I have been proud to be associated with a wide range of community organizations, including several rooted in the Jewish experience, such as the Westchester Jewish Council and the Holocaust and Human Rights Education Center.” In 2009, Bramson delivered the keynote address at Westchester’s annual Yom HaShoah observance, and stated that he is proud to be a member of Temple Israel of New Rochelle.

When looking back on the past 13 years’ accomplishments for the City of New Rochelle, Bramson hopes to build on these programs. He stated, “As mayor, I have played a leadership role. We are attracting billions in private investment as part of the most ambitious downtown development plan in our history. We created New Rochelle’s 10-year capital plan with its record investments in roads, parks and infrastructure.” 

Also included are implementing New Rochelle’s award-winning Sustainability Plan with its wide-ranging environmental priorities, supporting first responders in achieving New Rochelle’s best public safety record in generations and adopting responsible, balanced budgets that have given New Rochelle its best bond rating in more than 80 years.

Other initiatives have included fostering a culture of creativity and innovation through programs related to the arts, transportation, marketing and communications; addressing countless individual and neighborhood concerns with sensitivity, respect and responsiveness; and representing our city effectively to important inter-governmental and private-sector constituencies whose partnership is important to New Rochelle’s success. One such program is “My Brother’s Keeper,” which is strengthening the city-school-community partnership.

The city also is proud of several recent awards to improve local life. A Bloomberg Philanthropies grant will create an open-source virtual reality app that will enable residents to participate more fully in the design of public spaces and new development. New York State also awarded $10 million to the city’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative.

The mayor continued, “This is an exciting moment for New Rochelle. We have an opportunity to build on recent progress in several important areas. . . In conclusion, I am a lifelong New Rochelleian and graduate of our public schools. My wife, Catie, is a clinical pediatric neuropsychologist. Our children, Jeremy and Owen, are students at New Rochelle High School. My mother, age 86, lives independently in downtown New Rochelle. Our entire family feels grateful to be part of a diverse, vibrant community, which welcomes people of every tradition and circumstance. I am passionately loyal to New Rochelle and will continue doing everything in my power to ensure that our city has a bright, hopeful future.”

Additional information about Noam Bramson can be found at www.noambramson.org


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