Monday, March 30, 2020


A Book of Walls

Megillat Esther is a book of walls.

It is about the walls around a city and the walls around a person.

It is about walls that protect and walls that enclose; walls that bind together and walls that separate.

It is about walls that

Stamford Represents at AIPAC 2020

The annual AIPAC Policy Conference was held this year from March 1-3, and the Stamford Jewish community was out in full force, proudly standing with the more than 18,000 delegates in support of Israel and the US-Israel relationship.

Rabbi Daniel Cohen of Congregation Agudath Sholom led a

Chabad Women’s Circle Teaches Art of Hamentashen Baking

Making tasty, delicious and well-formed three-cornered pastries is easy, at least it is when the instructor is experienced. On March 2, the Chabad of Yonkers Women’s Circle organized a program to teach women and girls how to make hamentashen. All necessary materials were provided by Rebbetzin Chanie Hurwitz, who

Chabad of Yonkers Celebrates Purim Amid COVID-19 Crisis

This year’s Purim celebration at the Chabad of Yonkers minimized contact between people due to concerns about coronavirus and social distancing. Those entering the synagogue on Purim day were greeted with a large bottle of hand sanitizer next to a donation box into which the fee for the event was placed, again to

YINR Celebrates Purim With a Virtual Party

On Monday night, March 9, as the Young Israel of New Rochelle stood dark and vacant, YINR families celebrated Purim in the confines of their own homes with a virtual party hosted by Dov Katz of Krohma and OnKore Music.

On the heels of last year’s extremely popular Purim party, the

Race, Religion and Art in Nissim Black’s ‘Mothaland Bounce’

“This is the first rap that I have actually enjoyed,” wrote Yeshiva University’s Rabbi Mordechai Becher. “That alone is an incredible accomplishment for Nissim Black.”

Rabbi Becher was referring to

Will a Leaning Tower of Pizza Topple Chabad Of Yonkers Purim?

The Chabad Jewish Center/Greystone Jewish Center of Yonkers invites the community to its annual Purim celebration. The joyous Purim holiday commemorates the Jewish people’s victory in the year 356 BCE over the plot of the wicked Haman, viceroy of the Persian Empire, to destroy them. Purim starts Monday night, March 9,

Purim 2020: Far From Persia

There was one Purim years ago when I realized that I spent the day in the car and somehow missed seeing many friends. In our neighborhood, we kind of live on the “other side of town,” so it’s hard to catch people and we don’t have a very busy block, so the day kind of felt isolating. Not to mention the ridiculous amount of time and

What Do You Want From Me?

Every year around this time, we all ask the same basic question: “What do I want to give for shalach manot this year?” But no one really asks, “What do the people around me want to get?” Isn’t it about the receiver?

“No. I have a theme.”

Seize the Moment! Purim 2020

Irena Sendler of Warsaw, Poland, died on May 12, 2008, at the ripe age of 98. During the Second World War, Irena got permission to work in the Warsaw ghetto as a plumbing and sewer specialist, but she had an ulterior motive. Irena smuggled Jewish infants out of the ghetto in the bottom of her toolbox and in a burlap sack for larger

Teach NYS Cheers DOE Release of $45.8 Million For Classroom Technology In NYC Nonpublic Schools

(Courtesy of Teach NYS) After playing an instrumental role in the five-year process that will bring $45.8 million to the city’s nonpublic schools for technology, Teach NYS today applauded the New York City Department of Education’s (DOE) release of the funding.

Through DOE’s Smart Schools Bond Act

Let’s Save Jonathan Eichenwald

Englewood father of five desperately needs a liver donor.  

Jonathan Eichenwald, Yonatan Yehuda ben Tovah, is a 37-year-old Englewood resident in desperate need of a liver transplant. Originally from France, the Eichenwalds are the parents of five children under the age of 11,

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