Sunday, December 08, 2019

Destination Kosher

Tour and Taste the Crown Heights Kosher Food Scene With Rosebud Food Tours

Fern Penn lives in Greenwich Village, but when she shops for Shabbat, she goes to where it’s really happening: Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Penn has started walking and tasting tours with pre-arranged stops at many of the new, innovative kosher restaurants in Crown Heights with her

Make Pocono Raceway Your Next Summer Destination 

I want to relate a story and then I want to share why I believe members of our community should join my son Eli and I at Pocono Raceway several times each summer.  

Recently, I was at a business meeting in central Florida and a lawyer at the meeting talked about how the next

Before Tanglewood, There Was Charleston

You don’t have to wait for Tanglewood to open its gates to kick off your summer fun. Charleston, one of America’s most beautiful cities, will host its annual Spoleto USA festival from May 24 –June 9. Featuring 150 performances of music, theatre, opera and dance as well as talks, master classes and visual arts, the events will

Dan’s Deals Explores Antarctica

What’s on your travel bucket list?

Personally, I don’t have one. I am content shuttling back and forth to Israel and Denver to visit my grandchildren, with an occasional organized trip

Five Star Italy Will Plan Your Italian Dream Vacation

For me, visiting Italy for the first time was falling in love at first sight. My first trip was many years ago to Capri and the Amalfi Coast. I chose that region because the scenery is considered to be some of the most breathtaking in the world and, no doubt,

Lions and Tigers, No Bears, Oh My!

 Vacationing in South Africa is almost indescribable. The region is culturally accessible to Americans due to the prevalence of spoken English, yet as incredibly exotic as could be imagined. A vacation visit to the Zimbali on the Eastern coast of South

Memphis Orthodox Community Invites ‘100 New Families’ to Relocate

(Courtesy of Baron Hirsch Congregation) Faced with skyrocketing costs of housing and education, an increasing number of

Europe Travel Tips for Teens

Right after seminary, my friend and I spent a week and a half touring cities in Italy and France. This article is not based on any expertise or extensive experience, as neither of us had ever planned anything like this before, but I would love to share some tricks and tips we picked up along the

Hilton Westchester: The ‘Waldorf in the Woods’

Visiting the Hilton Westchester on Westchester Avenue in Rye Brook, New York, brought back many wonderful memories of school and shul dinner dances, weddings and bar and bat mitzvah celebrations. As a volunteer for day schools and the shul my family attends in Westchester, I

Memphis Orthodox Community Invites ‘100 New Families’ to Relocate There

‘Taste of Memphis’ Shabbaton is scheduled for May 11-13.

Faced with skyrocketing costs of housing and education, an increasing number of young Orthodox

NFL Star Todd Gurley to Join Majestic Retreats Las Vegas Pesach Program

(Courtesy of Majestic Retreats) Soon-to-be-announced All-Pro running back Todd Gurley of the Los Angeles Rams will be running the

MatzaFun Tours Plans 17th Annual Perfect Passover in Long Branch

(Courtesy of MatzaFun) MatzaFun is proud to announce our 17th year of the Perfect Passover featuring elegant Passover seders, gourmet glatt kosher cuisine and

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