Saturday, August 15, 2020

Community News

Ronnie Stern, Bar-Ilan’s New American Friend’s Chief

From the first time he stepped onto the Bar-Ilan University (BIU) campus almost 50 years ago as part of his bar mitzvah celebration in Israel, Ronnie Stern knew that Bar-Ilan and its American Friends would always play an important part of his life and that of his family.  When he was recently elected as the new President of the

The Missing Question: How Do We Experience Authority?

This past fall, the Orthodox/halachic community experienced the most honest public conversation about itself that I think I’ve ever seen. The arrest and investigation of Rabbi Barry Freundel opened up a series of powerful conversations. Husbands and wives talked about gender roles in Jewish law; friends talked about their feelings about

Who Needs a Rabbi?

My wife’s grandfather, a Hasid who was trapped behind the Iron Curtain for decades before moving to Brooklyn, used to enjoy being asked who his rebbe was. After all, every good Hasid needs a rebbe. He would say that God is his rebbe, not any man. He answered to God and only God. That was a nice personal statement but, in reality, he took

Riverdale’s Dinowitz Shares His Vision

Most laws impacting daily life in Riverdale, from traffic regulations to consumer pricing and education, are passed on the state level. There are a few people, some elected, some not, who play large roles in running Riverdale. No one among them plays as large a role as our representative in Albany, ten-term state assemblyman

10 Questions For Rabbi Joshua Lookstein

1. How long have you lived in your current neighborhood?

Our family has lived in Scarsdale for a year and a half. It is the first time that I have ever lived in a house. It, therefore, wasn’t a shock when my toddler daughter had a visceral reaction to being put down on grass. That’s my kid!

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