Tuesday, July 07, 2020

(Credit: Robert Kalfus)

Rootin’ tootin’ pardners wearing head coverings of all colors, sizes and descriptions corralled their 120 to 200 horsepower rides to the hitching posts of the Chabad of Yonkers last Thursday afternoon, eager for Rabbi Mendy Hurwitz’s promise of a “grand ole’ time” bringing Purim in the Wild West to Yonkers.

Rabbi Hurwitz was the corniest rabbi ever, serving hot corn on the cob and many other Western-style fixings at a gut-busting hot buffet to about 100 people celebrating Purim at the Chabad of Yonkers at 600 North Broadway, along with plentiful heapings of Purim storytelling and commentary, Torah and the Purim megillah story read by Dovid Dworcan, imported from Montreal. Eric Lipper strummed his guitar, singing and picking ole’ American favorites and folk tunes.

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