Friday, August 07, 2020

Ari Fuld, HY”D (Credit: Fuld Family)

In a letter to the SAR community last month, SAR Academy and High School unveiled the Ari Fuld Project, established to honor the memory of Ari Fuld, HY”D, who was murdered just a few days before Yom Kippur 2018. 

“Ari’s murder touched our community deeply, as he was the son of former SAR Academy principal, Rabbi Yonah Fuld,” the letter read.

The letter explained that Fuld was a passionate advocate for Israel, and was involved in many acts of chesed, including his desire to support the needs of Israeli soldiers. Building on Fuld’s efforts, friends and family have been working together to raise money for a hospitality truck that will continue, in Fuld’s memory, to provide soldiers with their basic needs. The truck will be stocked with supplies, food and drinks for IDF soldiers throughout Israel. Fuld dreamed of purchasing this truck in memory of his friend, Yehoshua Friedberg, HY”D, a lone soldier from Canada who was killed by terrorists.

SAR was joined by a number of other local day schools to raise awareness and funds for this effort. These schools included The Moriah School, North Shore Hebrew Academy, Westchester Day School, Yavneh Academy, Yeshiva of Central Queens and Yeshivat Naom. 

“At SAR, we prepared a lesson about Ari and the work he did to support Israel, both in the media, and as a soldier and in the reserves,” Krauss said. “Our goal was for our students to be aware of who Ari was, and his strong connection to SAR.” 

Students learned that not only was Fuld a former SAR student, but his father, Rabbi Yonah Fuld, had been  the second principal of SAR, and had made aliyah with his family 26 years ago. All of the Fuld children live in Israel and are raising their families there. Students also sent messages to Fuld’s parents, Rabbi Yonah and Mary Fuld.

“This was a project that meant a lot to Ari,” Krauss said. “A group of people wanted to complete Ari’s dream in his memory.” 

“His message of commitment and sacrifice is one we speak about a lot, ” Krauss added.

Rabbi Eitan Lipstein, assistant principal of middle school Judaics and student life at the Moriah School, described his school’s contribution to the project.

“Our middle school partnered with the project once we received an email about the initiative, along with many other local day schools, and learned of its objective.” Lipstein said. “Our students are careful to give tzedakah on a daily basis, and through their efforts we are able to collect significant funds for causes that the students connect with. When we were made aware of the Ari Fuld project, our students felt that it should be the first tzedakah of the year that we give our daily funds to.”

Both students and faculty at Moriah continue to feel a connection to Fuld. One of the teachers at Moriah, Ahuva Forman, is a family member of Fuld’s, and spoke to the middle school students about him last year. 

“The students felt a connection with Ari’s mission and persona, and overall strength, and have yet to forget it,” Lipstein said.

“The objective of this project, providing for other Jews in need, particularly chayalim protecting Eretz Yisrael, aligns directly with some of our core values and central areas of focus in our middle school and the school as a whole,” Lipstein said. “Our middle school students have a chesed hour quota that they are challenged to meet, and Ahavat Yisrael and Medinat Yisrael are pillars of our curricula and our Jewish Life mission with the school.”

Additional information about the Ari Fuld project can be found at

By Judy Berger




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