Monday, September 16, 2019

Edith and Leo Scheiner drink a l’chaim toast to Rabbi Hurwitz. (Credit: Robert Kalfus)

Robert Henry and Rabbi Hurwitz barbecue many dozens of hot dogs and hamburgers. (Credit: Robert Kalfus)

Rabbi Hurwitz cuts his birthday cake with his wife, Chanie. (Credit: Robert Kalfus)

Rabbi Hurwitz’s brother Shmuley helps his former Hebrew school student Michael Darko put on tefillin and say the blessings. (Credit: Robert Kalfus)

Chabad of Yonkers/Greystone Jewish Center’s Rabbi Mendy Hurwitz celebrated his 36th birthday last month with a grand BBQ celebration with the local community, friends, family and members of the synagogue. Rabbi Hurwitz and his family hosted an extensive menu of hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken wings, corn on the cob, several types of salad, sauerkraut and watermelon, and, for dessert, Rabbi Hurwitz and his wife, Chanie, cut his birthday cake and served it along with multicolored ices.

People gave speeches lauding Rabbi Hurwitz’s contributions to the Yonkers and Westchester community. Among those present were Yonkers Assemblyman Nader Sayegh, Yonkers City Council Majority Leader Michael Sabatino, Councilwoman-elect Tasha Diaz and candidate for Yonkers city court judge Elena Goldberg Velazquez.

Rabbi Hurwitz stated that many people know that the letters of the Hebrew word “chai” are the number 18, and that chai is the word for “life.” Noting his age, Rabbi Hurwitz said, “When you turn 36, that number means ‘double chai.’ As you age and get older, you hopefully continue your education and acquire knowledge and wisdom. You also do not lessen your activities, but you instead increase in all the good that you can do and accomplish, and you never stop helping others. Chabad of Yonkers has programs for religious instruction, spirituality, outreach, education, and we seek the health and well-being of the entire Yonkers community.”

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By Robert Kalfus


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