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Recovery at the Crossroads is a unique style treatment center that is geared to work for the people of the Jewish community. Located in Blackwood, New Jersey, Recovery at the Crossroads was established in 2014 as a facility whose mission is to support the road of recovery with state-of-the-art treatment for substance use disorders and related problems, ultimately helping adult men and women develop the skills necessary to live, learn and work in the community.

“Recovery at the Crossroads’ mandate is to be at the forefront of trauma and addiction clinical services. Various models of treatment have an ever-present eye focused on identifying the most effective styles and combinations of models available to our master-level clinicians,” said clinical director Dr. Alberta Montano-DiFabio.

Trauma and addiction both lead to emotional and often physical isolation. Recovery at the Crossroads makes sure patients understand they are never alone on this difficult journey. This principle applies to anyone who enters the facility for treatment: clients, families and significant others, as well as the staff. According to Montano-DiFabio, understanding the human needs of all people is paramount in practicing trauma-informed care.

Patients at Recovery at the Crossroads enjoy a diverse array of experiences that include a comfort room, adventure therapy, martial arts, yoga and Pilates, all intended to relieve stress while at the same time build confidence and trust in one’s physical ability.

There are many components that are part of every client’s customized treatment plan. Involving family within treatment is an integral part of each client’s recovery. They find tremendous value in encouraging and supporting each client in having their families on board throughout their recovery process.

With three options for treatment—partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient and general outpatient services—there is a program available for everyone on the path to recovery. They also have an affiliation with Black Horse Acres, a sober-living house for clients who spend time at the center during the day and prefer to live at the sober house at night.

Unfortunately, there is a staggering number of people in the Orthodox community who suffer from drug or alcohol addiction and are very much in need of help. Often, due to the nature of the problem, many don’t feel comfortable discussing their addiction and subsequently don’t get the help they need.

For Orthodox Jews, going to a non-observant addiction program is not ideal. Having access to religious services and other elements of Orthodox life provides a sense of belonging and support that can enhance one’s recovery process.

“Recovery at the Crossroads, along with Black Horse Acres, is the perfect blend of dedication, warmth, commitment to each client’s success, customized treatment, an organic and rich sober living environment and value in Jewish roots and spiritual connection,” said Temima Elbaz, clinical outreach liaison. “The journey to recovery is an overwhelming and daunting one. A journey that we are part of every step of the way, giving support, understanding, care and belief in each client’s ability to achieve their goal. We are in this together.”

On the road to sobriety, restoring one’s health through mindful eating and exercise is essential. Recovery at the Crossroads has a fully stocked glatt kosher kitchen, complete with all the essentials for a healthy diet. Additionally, patients have access to a fitness program created to boost energy and confidence.

Spiritual wellness is a core part of the program at Recovery at the Crossroads. Rabbi Avi Richler is available for patients throughout the recovery process, overseeing and implementing necessary details for observance of Yom Tov, Shabbos and other religious holidays, for those who choose to participate.

At Recovery at the Crossroads, patients are recognized and appreciated for who they are, regardless of where they are spiritually. Dignity and respect for one’s fellow man is paramount to the mission, allowing everyone to be themselves in a safe and welcoming environment.

For more information please visit  or call 856-474-1602.

By Andrea Nissel

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