Friday, July 03, 2020

Business Spotlight

How to Launch Your Business with Little Money

 Launching a business is a difficult task, but it’s even harder when you’re new to the business world because you probably don’t have a lot of capital to spend. That’s okay! Here are a few tips on how you can launch a business even if you have little money to do so.

21st-Century Teaching: 6 Must-Have Classroom Essentials for New Teachers


Not all superheroes wear capes, and America’s many millions of teachers head into

How to Create the Perfectly Optimized Workstation: Step-by-Step Guide

Considering the rising number of freelance workers who work from home in the comfort of their pajamas, it can seem a little silly to talk about the seriousness of an optimized workstation. All you need is an outlet to plug in your power cable and you can call it a day,

5 Retirement Funding Solutions to Consider

It’s no secret that retirement funding can be difficult to secure. While the recommendation you’ll hear from personal finance experts is that you should have about 1 to 1.5 million saved up before you permanently

How to Handle Work Stress More Effectively in 2020


According to the

Recovery at the Crossroads Offers Amenities for Jewish Patients

Recovery at the Crossroads is a unique style treatment center that is geared to work for the people of the Jewish community. Located in Blackwood, New Jersey, Recovery at the Crossroads was established in 2014 as a facility whose mission is to support the

The Importance of Online Reviews for Growing Your Company

No matter what industry your brand belongs to, it’s incredibly likely that your potential consumers are first scouring the web for reviews before buying into your product. In fact, it’s rare for modern buyers to make blind purchase decisions without first finding written or

ShabbosLite Will Brighten Your Home

Chanukah is the celebration of the Jewish people coming from the darkness into the light.  And since I work in the lighting business, I’ve been bringing folks into the light for more than 40 years! 

I’ve seen so many changes in lighting technology over the decades, but nothing is like the

How to Boost Productivity in Your Tax Office in 6 Easy Steps

As a tax office owner, the success of your business lies in your ability to provide your customers with top quality assistance every time they hire you. Your

4 Ways to Improve Your Business' Customer Service

As a local business, providing the highest level of customer service to your community should be your top priority. Not to mention, it’s critical to your survival. After all,

3 Ways to Promote Your Local Business

Local businesses are an important part of any community but they are also notoriously difficult to sustain. To

 5 Ways to Increase Safety in Your Business

As they say, safety first is safety always. Taking preventative measures to ensure your employees are safe on the job will not only increase productivity and workplace

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