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The Dangers of 13 Reasons Why—and Why Education Is Paramount

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Suicide prevention is a serious topic, certainly nothing to joke about or romanticize. Yet, the recent Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why, portrays the disturbing life and untimely end of life of a high school student, arguably in just such a romanticized manner. In the show, the protagonist justifies her suicide by blaming...

Why More Jewish Parents Are Banking Cord Blood

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Cord-blood stem cells have the extraordinary potential to save lives and safeguard children’s health. In the past, young, Jewish, first-time parents saw the extra expense of cord blood banking, with annual fees and high set-up costs, as a downside to the investment.

Now, through Westchester-based Maze Cord Blood, one of the lowest-priced options among all FDA-approved and AABB-accredited cord blood banks, with no annual storage fee, Jewish parents can get the best science at the best value.

“When we did the research, Maze Cord Blood always came out on top as a company that not only delivered quality service but also truly cared about us and our baby,” said Rachel and Jacob from...

Practicing Religion Has Health Benefits—But Not for Everyone

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New York—A new study has found that partaking in religious activities can improve your mood, but it may only help you if you are sincere about your religious beliefs. The study, presented at Touro College Research Day, found that engaging in religious activities is beneficial for those who truly embrace their religious beliefs. But, like other activities, if your heart is not in it, it could just feel like a duty or chore and can make you feel worse.

Past studies have found that practicing religion has many benefits to your mental well-being. But Steven Tzvi Pirutinsky, Ph.D., an assistant professor of clinical social work at Touro College, suspected that for those who struggle with...

Israeli Start-up BiomX Aims to Eliminate Need for Antibiotics

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(JNS.org) The Israeli start-up BiomX, which last week completed a $24 million round of financing, is aiming to replace the need for conventional antibiotics by developing treatments that selectively eliminate bacteria.

BiomX’s treatments are developed using phages—special viruses intended to fight certain bacteria, as opposed to traditional antibiotics that kill all bacteria, including beneficial bacteria.

“BiomX has developed a platform with two elements. One is the ability to detect with precision what bacteria are missing, and which existing bacteria are causing damage. The second is the ability to selectively attack unnecessary bacteria,” said Assaf Oron, BiomX’s executive...

What’s the Deal With Fluoride?

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Fluoride. What is it? What does it do? Who needs it? And where do we find it? These are all questions that come through my office daily. I recently realized that fluoride is a big mystery to many patients as well as referring health professionals. Its perception and guidelines are constantly changing (like many things in life). So, let’s spend a few moments to get a better understanding of this substance, and hopefully walk away a bit more educated in our understanding of its necessity and appropriate use.

We start off with a bit of science. Fluoride is the 13th most abundant element on the earth’s crust. It is found naturally in soil, water, foods and several minerals. Its...
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