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Grace Under Pressure, Like All of Us: The Joy of Kosher Magazine Pesach Preview

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Invited to an exclusive tasting event of recipes featured in the Pesach edition of Joy of Kosher Magazine, I was excited to meet Jamie Geller and her talented magazine staff. An eight-course meal was planned, promising some innovative takes on the standard and expected fare for Seder night. Well, I quickly learned...

‘Perfect for Pesach’ Hits the Mark

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Reviewing: Perfect for Pesach by Naomi Nachman and Miriam Pascal (2017) Hardcover. 240 pages. ISBN-10: 1422618676. $25.03.

Naomi Nachman was testing a new recipe for her catering clients when she had a culinary epiphany: “This would be perfect for Pesach,” she thought. That became the inspiration for a new cookbook. “You don’t have to have special recipes for Pesach,” Nachman said in a phone interview. “This book is about fresh, delicious recipes that are good all year but perfect for Pesach.”

“Perfect for Pesach: Passover Recipes You’ll Want to Make All Year,” from Mesorah Publications, gives readers “easy recipes that use innovative flavor combinations.”...

Stay Calm and Start Planning

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So Pesach is coming and I’m calm, I really am. I mean, this is not my first rodeo, and besides, I have an entire folder full of Pesach shopping lists, menus and recipes from previous years. Lists are good, right? I feel completely in control of my Pesach planning, so I can now focus my attention on repairing the appliances that always seem to go on the fritz right before all holidays.

One area that always seems to get overlooked in the intense preparation for the holiday is erev Pesach, the afternoon before the holiday begins. I am always so focused on preparing all the seder-plate items, braising the chicken, mixing the kugels, that it shocks me come two or three o’clock, when...

Inbal Jerusalem Hotel’s Executive Chef Presents Unique Passover Dessert for 2017

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With Passover fast approaching, award-winning Executive Chef Nir Elkayam of the Inbal Jerusalem Hotel has created two mouthwatering recipes for the holiday.

“The greatest challenge of Passover is creating tasty recipes despite the restrictions of the holiday,” said Elkayam. “These recipes reflect the holiday spirit and prove that Passover food doesn’t need to taste as if it’s lacking.”

Chocolate Marquis Batons


 3 eggs1/4 cup granulated sugar18 oz. bittersweet chocolate, chopped2 cups nondairy creamer—for whipping3/4 cup nondairy creamer —to replace milk



Preheat oven to 300 degrees.

Lightly whip the eggs and sugar.

Heat the cream until it...

Not My Grandmother’s Hamantashen

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Do you have a favorite hamantashen recipe? I know I do. (And it’s not my grandmother’s, although I do love that one too.) This one is a simple cookie dough recipe that is easy to make, has no margarine, needs no refrigeration prior to rolling out, is very easy to handle and tastes delicious. Do you have one like that? I bet you do, too! So, I’m not going to give you this recipe because you probably think yours is better anyway. (But, please, send me yours!)

Purim after Purim I experiment with different hamantashen doughs, trying to find a better recipe. Why? I don’t know. I feel like there must be an improved one out there. (Is yours?) But no matter how many I’ve tried, I...
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